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Cindy Hackbusch
Pen & Ink Artist

I am a self taught Pen & Ink artist. I started out raising Miniature Donkeys, Tennessee Fainting Goats, African Pygmy Goats, Mini La Mancha Goats, Exotic Colored Chinchillas and African Pygmy Hedgehogs.


I raised animals for about 20 years on ten acres in Northern Nevada.  With my connections to other Homesteaders,Ranchers and Farmers, I found others that loved their animals as much as I did. I started making goat gestation calendars for Registered goat ranchers. They would send me photos of their favorite goats and I would do a Pen & Ink drawing on each month with their ranch names as credit for the use of the photo. I also did Ranch Logos, Custom Art,  Note Cards and Christmas Cards.  My previous art business was called Kicking Bird Ranch Artwork.  When we moved from our ranch in Nevada to a Circa 1896 Schoolhouse in California, I took a break from my drawing. 

I have  missed drawing and have decided to begin again and I am specializing in Pet Portraits. 

I hope you visit my website often as I will be adding new examples periodically. 

Thank you for visiting.

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