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 "How to Order" and "Pricing"


  1.) Email me a "Clear" digital photo to                                                                     Please read information below for specifics.

2.)  $75.00 for 1 subject in the artwork.

       Reason I need "Clear" digital photos and why my fee is so reasonable:

       I work in ink which is permanent, so I need the best source to work from to eliminate mistakes. I need to be able to see clearly your pet's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.  It would be helpful if your pet is in a pleasing position/pose. It is difficult for me to try and guess what your pet looks like if I receive a blurry or generally bad photo. The better the photo the better I can get a true representation of your pet. My goal is to attempt to get your pet's personality in the drawing and the facial features are very important, especially within the eyes.  

Because I use ink, which is permanent, I need to work quickly and get it right, with no mistakes, the first time. This method works well for me, which reduces my labor, therefore, I can pass the savings on to my customers.  

3.)  Add $25 per additional subject in the same drawing. 

      All subjects need to be in the same photo in a pleasing position/pose. Trying to compose a multi-subject drawing from different sourced photos is difficult and usually results in a poor end product. The reason is due to the variations of subject size, effects of lighting and shading and odd positions where the subject looks awkward. And again, photo quality is very important.

4.) Special Orders:

      Special orders will be reviewed and an estimate given.

*I reserve the right to place drawings as examples on my website and/or Facebook and Instagram

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